📸 Happy new moon y’all! 🌚🔥

📸 Every neighborhood has that creepy old house… 🏚👻

Took a nice late autumn stroll to see the annual Duke Park luminaries all lit, warm and flickering, lighting our way home. 🕯🏠🌚

📸 Had the distinct pleasure of seeing one of our favorite bands, Sylvan Esso, this past Friday...

They are so damn giving and talented. I’m grateful and proud to call them neighbors (not next door, but Durham’s where they call home)! They sold out two nights in the biggest venue we have and they’ve definitely sold out much, much bigger spaces.

We saw them forever ago open up for one our favorite hip hop artists, Dessa, in Carrboro to a crowd of 40 people tops. To see them rise year after year, higher and higher has been a treat to say the least.

📸 Fortunate to have caught Bon Iver live this week...

It was our third time seeing him over the years and, man, what an amazing show! I really love how Vernon has evolved his sound over the years. There’s an underlying tenderness to his performances that has always resonated with me as genuine. It’s performance, yes, but there’s always this intimacy that he creates - no matter how large the venue/crowd is.

Oh and the light show was super unique and fun to try and figure out in real time. Hadn’t ever seen a band do that before! Elevated double-sided mirrors framed with dynamically colored LED strips. Moving up and down, tilting and undulating during the show’s entirety. Super cool!

Had the pleasure of finally being able to attend the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival this year…

After over a decade of being asked by my brother in law to come out to San Francisco to HSB, we finally made it out. It was definitely a memorable experience! The crowds on Saturday were definitely too much but Friday and Sunday were lovely.

It was a short visit for sure, but we love San Francisco so it was definitely worth it!

📸Just hanging here...

…with my god-given Gollum feet… watching the bats feast in this (finally) cooler weather. Hope y’all are doing your own lovely version of the same!

📸 That church I was talking about a post or two earlier? Well...

📸 On the way home, before the hurricane rains blew in, I noticed a longstanding church I walk by every day was getting torn down 😕.

Took a peek inside and definitely got some #StrangerThings Upside Down vibes in there.

📸 Starting her 44th trip around the sun with 🥧!

So damn grateful you were born sweetheart! Love you so much. #pieforbreakfast #thisis44

📸 Damn Maine!

This evening hour light…. Our departure tomorrow is early, and even though our time here was short, it’s hard not to feel the echoes of something bigger reflecting back on us. No doubt we’ll be doing the same, in kind, on the long drive home.

📸 Just took a solar bag shower outdoors

letting my pasty white farmer-tan skin battle it out with the last few hours of coastal Maine sunlight. It felt almost as glorious as this place we are staying in. It’s been a shameful amount of time since @allthatmel and I have been to the rocky shores of Maine. Really grateful we made the trip. 😌

📸 The light in our home... for better or worse... 🏡❤️

📸 Our piggies combined....

📸 Thoroughly enjoyed this break from the heat (and the 🇪🇨 hammock we got on our 20th).

📸 I love it when I am out walking and shots just magically come together.

Durham is always filled with these kinds of encounters. And when the afternoon storms are rolling in like they are here? I turn down whatever is coming through my earbuds, center myself into the present, and pay close attention. I don’t have to capture it every time, but whenever I do, it’s a treat.

Those evenings… storms coming in… right before you decide to cut the back deck lights on.

Finished off the back deck repair job we started a few weeks ago!

Had some tricky cuts to make at the very end but, all in all? We think it came out great! It’s finally up to code, safe, and structurally very sound.

Now we just have attempt the rest of the back deck which is easily as rotted out as the top level replaced. 😅 All in good time.

Old houses man, I tell ya!

old rotten joists that need to be replacedold rotten joists that need to be replaced, and more of the back decknew sleeves, joists, and deck planks installed!!another look from a different angle at the new sleeves, joists, and deck planks we installedTad bravely holding a power drill standing in the top deck space area, shortly after it had been completely dismantled.picture of the top deck area, construction completed!

We all have latent ambition on the daily. Every once and a while though, that bites you back.😬 this deck is gonna involve way more TLC than we originally anticipated.

📸 Found this photo in an old archive folder from a long gone MacBook Pro…

It was taken right around when we moved to Durham, NC. My first piece of writing was just accepted to be published. That was also the first time my words provided any kind of payment.

I was just starting Conduit and work was coming in.

So much has changed since then. Durham’s not the same - that green wall has been replaced by a towering condo complex.

I’m certainly not the same either. There was a lot of joy, a lot of mistakes to learn from, a lot of anxiety and hope generated from all of the above… life basically.

This photo brought all of that back, as well as immense amounts gratitude.

Chain link sunset 🌅

Spent the afternoon inoculating logs! 🍄🍄🍄

Been trying to get more afternoon naps in lately… 😑😐😴

Spring has sprung! 🎪

Love it when the trees explode this time of year! 🌸🌳🌼 Almost tricks me into believing that next week won’t be back down in the 30’s again. 😄🥶