It’s been a while since I updated this space. The new job I started in July really took a lot out of me as far as changes to every day life and the pace at which I had to learn a ton of new skills. It’s going well, it’s just at the end of the day I simply want to turn my brain off and writing on this site requires at least some level of thought.

8 hens roosting in their coop

As I mentioned in the title above, our family of chickens had to say goodbye to four of the OG flock. Shortly after the last post Brave, London Fog, Cookies and Cream, and Lemonade started crowing very loudly every morning. We knew this day would come and we bought these birds with the full knowledge that we’d have to let some of them go. Still, it was sad to say goodbye to them. We raised them from less than 24 hours of age, and as much as you try not to, you really do become attached to these silly birds and their personalities. Luckily, one of the farmers that we got 4 of our hens from, had two pullets that were up for grabs. She offered them to us cheaply since one of her “hens” that were supposed to be sexed ahead of time, turned out to be a rooster.

Our newest hens, Cinnamon and Hashbrown, enjoying a dust bath

Their names are Cinnamon and Hashbrown and while they are considerably younger than the other hens, they are slowly but surely growing and weeding their way into the flock. We’ve had to break up a lot of fights and play referee a bunch. These new little guys are drama queens so it’s hard to hear their cries and not do anything - I don’t abide bullying with humans and it turns out that that sentiment extends to animals too apparently. Still, I had no idea how brutal these ladies can be to each other! Hopefully, come dead of winter, these new additions will be grown enough to defend themselves a little more and not be such easy targets.

Oh! On another hen-related note, we opened up the egg laying boxes! They are definitely interested, but no one’s jumped in one of them so I think we are still a ways out. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until the spring for eggs, but we might! 🀞🏼🀞🏼

The older hens checking out the newly uncovered egg laying boxes, with photobomb from Latte.