Where am I from?

I am from New England! Born in New Hampshire, but lived most my life in a very rural part of Vermont. In 2001, my wife and I moved to North Carolina and have been here ever since. Currently, we live in a small home within walking distance of downtown Durham, NC.

I am a writer.

I started writing stories in crayon when I was a kid, but then realized pencils (with their erasers) were much more forgiving, so I made friends with them. Eventually, I discovered my mom’s electric typewriter and fell in love with it’s ability to keep up with the ideas in my head. Since then, a keyboard has always been in my possession. I’ve spent a lot of time writing long-form fiction (scifi, fantasy, horror, in no particular order). While I am drawn to telling long tales, I’ve also found immense pleasure in writing essays, collaborating with friends on shared ideas, short stories, and the occasional horrendous poem.

On top everything listed above, I also enjoy blogging reviews of books, movies and technology (software/hardware). You can find all of that and other stuff that entertains me, on my blog right here on this site.

I am a frontend web developer.

I make ideas, passions, and missions come to life on any screen you have in front of you! I am currently working freelance and am loving (and immensely grateful for) the freedom it’s afforded me.

You can read more about my company, Conduit Designs, LLC here, and if you are looking for a front end developer/designer, hit me up on the contact form! It’d be a pleasure to meet and, hopefully, create something with you!