We all have latent ambition on the daily. Every once and a while though, that bites you back.😬 this deck is gonna involve way more TLC than we originally anticipated.

Just raised the keyboard tray of my home made standing desk an inch and dear lord...

My shoulders, wrists, and forearms immediately relaxed. I’m such a preoccupied idiot when it comes to this stuff. I’m in my 40’s now, you’d think I’d be more dialed in than, clearly, dialed out.

Should’ve done this a while ago. Definitely putting a weekly reoccurring OmniFocus task to check in with my body and see what’s not working and what can be improved.

📸 Found this photo in an old archive folder from a long gone MacBook Pro…

It was taken right around when we moved to Durham, NC. My first piece of writing was just accepted to be published. That was also the first time my words provided any kind of payment.

I was just starting Conduit and work was coming in.

So much has changed since then. Durham’s not the same - that green wall has been replaced by a towering condo complex.

I’m certainly not the same either. There was a lot of joy, a lot of mistakes to learn from, a lot of anxiety and hope generated from all of the above… life basically.

This photo brought all of that back, as well as immense amounts gratitude.

Chain link sunset 🌅

Spent the afternoon inoculating logs! 🍄🍄🍄

🎵 This new Billie Eilish album... whew...

Such a great mix of synth pop and creepiness that stops just short of detracting from the over all amazing creativity at play here. It’s brilliant really. Crank it and dance, but also give it a spin over a decent pair of headphones. There’s a lot to be found on this album and its production. Despite its polish it doesn’t feel pretentious at all. It feels (and sounds) like you are sitting in on someone having a lot of fun which, I’m guessing a lot of us could use these days. Myself included. If this sounds like your bag, have it!

Initial Second Gen AirPods Impressions...

Loving them so far! Just as I loved the first gen AirPods.

The new “Hey Siri” integration is a way more subtle improvement than I was expecting. We have a HomePod in our home and have come to rely upon it throughout our day. Being able to use the same vocal interface as I walk around town is such a no-brainer enhancement to my life that I didn’t even know what a luxury it was until it was here.

Which, for me anyways, is why I gravitated toward the Apple ecosystem years ago. It’s those “Ah HA!” moments that always resonate.

In short, the second Gen AirPods have essentially delivered the current experience I have in my home (with my HomePod), to the world around me everywhere I go (at least where ever there is an internet connection). As cliche as it’s become to say in the last few years, I can honestly say that this subtle shift is kind of magical.

Been trying to get more afternoon naps in lately… 😑😐😴

Took advantage of this week’s one day eero sale and dear lord...

Our home wireless speed increased by what appears to be 100%!! We upgraded from most recent Airport Extreme (tall white tower version) and, I don’t know if the AE was faulty or what but, the eero connection obliterates anything we had before including wired connections - just crazy!

We went with the one beacon package which, admittedly, is over kill for our 1000 square foot home BUT… getting 100mb down from our backyard is banana pants!

Spring has sprung! 🎪

Love it when the trees explode this time of year! 🌸🌳🌼 Almost tricks me into believing that next week won’t be back down in the 30’s again. 😄🥶

📸 Another year, another Nevermore Film Festival here in Durham! 👻💀☠️

I’ve been attending this horror film festival for well over a decade and it’s been a pleasure supporting it over the years at the beautiful Carolina Theatre. 20 years! Just amazing!

It is POURING here tonight 🌧⛈

One of the things that freaks me out about our new-ish home is the fact that it needs a sump pump in the crawl space underneath for when it pours and the water table gets too high. I’m glad it’s there of course, but I’m also really paranoid when I don’t hear it switch on during a HUGE downpour that rips through the Triangle. So far it always turns on faithfully when needed. But the minute our electricity goes out. We’re screwed.

I know, I know, get a generator - but we are often out of town so, we are super reliant on the grid which, thankfully, has been pretty solid over the years. 😅

📸 Got some thoroughly needed time away in the woods with this one. 🌳🌿🍃🍂🍁🌲

These little breaks away from Durham have been so, so good for us and our individual wellbeing.

We’ve been trying to make more space for times like these, and each time we do, it consistently gives back tenfold. ❤️👫

It never ceases to amaze me...

I witness, in my day to day, a lot of people who dismiss podcasts as a nonsensical medium that, more than ever, is filled with amateurish drivel, not worthy of consuming.

I swear…. in the last year alone, I’ve discovered more incredible, lovely, awe-inspiring humans via podcasts than I ever would have via television, movies, commercial radio, etc….

I am so damn grateful for it!

Tips: *Re-REvisiting* My Workflow (again) for Launching .scriv Files in Marked and Scrivener Simultaneously

Hey y’all, a friendly Tweep ( @ckrueger99 ) on my feed let me know that this age-old Alfred workflow has, once again, stopped working. I’m absolutely bogged down in contract work at the moment, but I am making this a fun diversion in my down time to try and figure out what came unplugged. Stay tuned!

Was out for a walk this afternoon...

When I stepped out the door it was in the low 70’s. When I got back to the house 2 hours later, it was in the high 50’s. CRAAAAAAAZY temperature swings here in the Piedmont region of NC.

It’s really odd having it be so warm in early February, so while I was caught off guard wearing a T-shirt during my walk, at least it’s getting back down to more seasonable weather this evening.

On Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I never do this but, I’ve been checking daily to see if/when #spiderverse went on pre-sale (iTunes).

Finally noticed it today. So many things are proclaimed no-brainers. This is a literal one. Didn’t even think. Just clicked the “buy” button. It’s that good.

Snag it y’all

📸Back home after a LONG road trip...

… filled with hours of unexpected construction delays from my homeland (New England, NH & VT). Decompression and reflection necessitates much needed time with 🍵 in front of the 🔥 back at the 🏠 …

📸 Da BubbinSpoonful keeps getting biggoh!!🐶

My brother’s doggo, Ginger, is officially full grown. I am glad I can still hold her!

📸Its nice to have a reminder of how beautiful the winters can be up north.

It’s one thing where my memory has intentionally run short after moving south. 😌

📸That’s some beautiful evening-walk-home light you got going on there Durham ❤️🐂🍁🍂

Been making slow but sure progress on theme tweaks for this site.

I decided to go with a “dark-mode” motif (yeah, I know, it’s trendy) and prefer it a lot more to the eye-shredding brightness of the orignal theme.

There’s always more, but I think it’s getting there.

Does anyone know off hand if it’s possible to auto format posts that come in from I often find myself editing each of them afterwards, moving the first sentence into the heading of the m.b post. Is there a way, for instance, to add markdown to the first sentence of each Instagram post that gets added to my site?

📸What a gift to be amongst friends watching friends playing the sweetest music for friends. ❤️