I recently sent my trustworthy iPad Air 2 to greener pastures and snagged the most recent iPad Pro 11in with the latest corresponding Brydge keyboard. Even though it was definitely time to upgrade, I still felt pretty nostalgic for my old setup and all of the adventures I’d been on with it. Tried and true, it worked flawlessly on consistent basis.

Still, we all know when it’s time.

I recieved the iPad Pro about a week before the Brydge shipped so I got to put it through its paces on its own before using it in what would be it’s everyday set up (basically a compact iOS-fueled laptop). I immediately saw the hardware differences in the iPad Pro (how could I not). I love so much about it, from it’s form factor, to it’s insane speed, all the way down to how well Face ID works. It’s aces. And the Brydge keyboard is the same, however, I’ve been somewhat surprised at how much I’ve become accustomed to the low travel of my 13in MBP butterfly keyboard and how that relates experientially to the Brydge. I initially thought I got a bad Brydge unit, but then I started typing with more vigor (something we’ve all done before keyboard-gate) and it’s all coming back. I do wish it somehow used the smart connector on the iPad Pro, but I understand why they didn’t and latency on bluetooth is minimal to non-existent. Additionally, I love the form factor and build quality (yes, it adds hella weight, but I knew that going in) it’s the perfect match to my iPad Pro, and it just looks cool aesthetically.

So yeah, I’m smitten! It is a glorious set up for me on my admin/correspondence text-heavy days and, like my old trusty iPadAir 2, I expect this setup to last a good, long time.