Loving them so far! Just as I loved the first gen AirPods.

The new “Hey Siri” integration is a way more subtle improvement than I was expecting. We have a HomePod in our home and have come to rely upon it throughout our day. Being able to use the same vocal interface as I walk around town is such a no-brainer enhancement to my life that I didn’t even know what a luxury it was until it was here.

Which, for me anyways, is why I gravitated toward the Apple ecosystem years ago. It’s those “Ah HA!” moments that always resonate.

In short, the second Gen AirPods have essentially delivered the current experience I have in my home (with my HomePod), to the world around me everywhere I go (at least where ever there is an internet connection). As cliche as it’s become to say in the last few years, I can honestly say that this subtle shift is kind of magical.