📸20 years... Today.

Today I’ve been married to @allthatmel for 2 decades (in December we’ll have been together in a relationship for 26).

I could wax poetic and dive into a deliriously complex and wonderful sea of nostalgia, but what I think I’ll do instead is focus on now.

Years of trust, communication, challenging each other, always unconditionally having each other’s back, laughter, occasional anger/frustration, all of the things… all of it has always brought us back to today. The present.

Now. And that “now” is, and has always been, built on top of love.

We’ve both changed so damn much since we met that one summer in the early 90’s. I knew I loved you then. I know we’ll love each other beyond all of this, as long as we continue to hold space for each other and whatever we endeavor to be.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart! I love you so. Thanks for loving the current and past “me’s” for this long. I can’t wait to see what we become walking all those miles towards the horizon.