📸 The cyclic nature of our gifts...

Not gonna lie. It was a hard day today. But rather than focus on the amazingly slow grist mill that is my chosen way of paying the bills, I’d rather focus on some constants.

Picture one: Weather. It is as constant as it is unpredictable. It cleanses as much as it causes unbridled chaos. I adore its temperament (as it mirrors mine) but today? It was kind to me. I made my way home literally just before it dumped every where in Durham. No doubt: I’d have welcomed the soaking. It is late summer in NC after all. But still, the perfect timing was noticeable.

Picture two: My partner’s affinity for discarded feathers, their significance, and what they represent… while I don’t feel her inherant reverence, I do witness them. This one showed up in my path on the way home. It may not be apparent in the photo, but the color pattern was pretty unique. It comforted me.

Picture three: While I am pretty damn sure she might hate this photo… I love it: this is how see her. It doesn’t contain the smile you all hold dear (including me), but it is very real, and does include the element of play that has sustained us for so, so long. I see this photo and I see inherent trust. I see a person who witnesses my inner playfulness (“WTF are you up to Tad?”), embraces it and, for better or worse, trusts me. So yeah, today wasn’t that great. But knowing tomorrow doesn’t give a shit about today? That helps a ton. ❤️