Morning ☕️: Ever since going out on my own and starting my own company it never fails...

A client contract comes to an end, and that ball of ice drops in my stomach. Will they extend my contract another year? What does that contract look like? More? Less? How much hustle is needed to take make up the difference? Holy shit, I have a mortgage!! 😱

It’s always this unique blend of excitement and doubt. I know I always put my best into my work and I also know that my best is occasionally not good enough or is simply something my client no longer needs. Both outcomes are just as likely (especially in my head).

One thing that’s resonated with me though, after almost 5 years of freelance work is this: trust the process. So far I’ve been extremely fortunate (and let’s be honest - being a white, male-identifying IT professional - overtly privileged). I’ve worked hard and continue to build this one person operation. I’ve built the foundation well, now I need to learn to lean more into this business I’ve built. To trust that I still have something of value to give whenever or however I am invited to the table.

Take nothing for granted. Stay nimble. Stay humble. But also learn to lean a bit more.