Installed the first public beta of Mojave on my 2016 MBP last night.

I know, I know… not a wise move for one of your main computers. I have back ups though and a good amount time at the moment, so I thought I’d play.

Believe it or not, this was the first public beta I’ve ever had a serious issue with. Upon boot up, it would show the progress bar (with my profile photo) and simply freeze at the very last second. Progress bar full. Left it for 20 minutes a few times. It never made it to the desktop.

Tried several reboots and disk diagnostics (disk was fine), and the only thing that solved it was a reinstall from recovery mode. Nothing was lost locally and, all and all, it’s a solid release as far as I can tell. Still gotta kick the tires for a few more days though.

I know everyone and their Mom has been posting these types of tales but, for me at least, I find them immensely helpful when I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. So I figured it couldn’t hurt to post this up for reference.

It’s a beta folks, if you don’t at least expect issues like these, you’re walking willy nilly into field of bear traps.