Links: "Angles - Photographic diary of Sébastian Dahl."

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“This mosaic contains all the pictures of all the cars who drove me from Oslo to Beirut 112 cars, trucks and scooters in total. It’s been an incredibly exciting and rewarding adventure. Thank you so much everyone who picked me up, hosted me, guided me and gave me a wonderful life lesson.”

~Photographic diary of Sébastian Dahl.  (@sebastiaen) 24-year-old photographer who recently hitchhiked 10,000km to get from Oslo (Norway) to Beirut (Lebanon).

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I stumbled on this last week and felt compelled to share/spread the word. These pics (as well as many others) are all linked to photographer Sébastian Dahl’s site (linked above if you missed it).  Definitely have a look if you want to get bitten by the travel bug again (or for the very first time).  Really, really, beautiful pics, stories and observations await you there.